Friday, June 3, 2011

We know white kids cyberbully more than minorities; we don’t know why

We know white kids cyberbully more than minorities; we don’t know whyI read this story with interest. Especially since I have been working more with inner city schools than ever to address this fiction. Years ago this was true. We could all ignore the cybersafety risks in inner city urban and poor schools. Why? Kids were not connected in those homes or even in those schools.
But inner city, urban, ethnic kids use the Internet as often as their more affluent white suburban counterparts, just through their cell phones and gaming devices, not home computers. And we are seeing a trending of physical violence and gang provocation with these kids that will result in murders, not suicides. Don't discount the issue, just understand it.

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Joy of Food and Travel or "Surviving Craziness"....

I travel all the time. Not fun travel, work travel. I have short connections and long delays. I have crowded trains and subways, overcooked conference chicken dinners and spotty email on the road. Tea served in coffee-scented carafes, rubber-textured scallops, and ink-filled balls served in squid ink...

But whenever I can, I search for farmers markets, tiny little special restaurants, street-stands and recipes written on greasy napkins after an extraordinary meal.

That brings me joy.

So, this blog will be devoted to the jewels I have found in food. Zucchini blossoms stuffed with herbs and delicate cheese in Provence, truffled salt in Luca, anything at Las Ramblas (Barcelona)...the best tapas (pinchxos in Basque Country), the best fish and chips in London, pimientos del padron from Union Square Market in NY, aged goat cheese from the Ferry Building Market in San Francisco...

I will share pics and opinions, finds and disasters and help you find some amazing places and tastes - the Food Jewels.